It is a Middle School video contest to encourage creative film making!

The film festival is on May 23rd...and due to our testing schedule completed films are NOW due on May 1st, 2017.

The format of the finished video should be MP4 and submitted on a flash drive to Mrs. Walters in room 180 in the Media Center.

There are seven categories for your original 3 minute or less movie:

Drama - A dramatic story that is school appropriate.

Sports - A video about sports.

PSA - A public service announcement explaining a topic important to you.

Integrated Arts Project - Combining several different elements of music, dance, theater or art.

Original or Non Original Music Video - Create a video using your own music or use a non-original music piece, giving copyright information and credit to the artist.

Documentary - a factual vieo about a life event or interview with a person.

Instructional Video - Demonstrate how to do something.

An informational flyer with parent permission slip was delivered to all interested middle school students.

See or email Mrs. Walters if you have questions.