Parent Involvement Letters in English and Spanish                2012 - 2013

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“When parents are involved in children’s
learning, at school and at home, schools
work better and students learn more.”
----Project Appleseed

Here are a few things you can do to be involved with your children’s learning at school and at home this school year:
 Talk with your child about school and their school work; LISTEN MORE, talk less.
 Turn off the TV! Set aside quiet time for homework.
 Make sure your child eats well and gets plenty of sleep.
 Ask questions of your child and the teacher(s).
 Visit your child’s school and classroom. Attend meetings,
teacher conferences and special events at the school.
 Volunteer at school, if possible.
 Love and praise your child everyday.
 Read to and with your child everyday.
Be involved in your child’s learning! If you’re not sure HOW to be involved, ask your child’s teacher(s) how you can help your child learn.
Parent Information Resource Center in Florida
The State of Florida has a Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) that provides information, training, and support for families and schools to work together to help students do better in school. This center offers tips and materials for parents to help their children at home and at school. Parents, you may contact the PIRC at the website listed below:
The Florida Partnership for Family Involvement in Education