PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Minutes for November 2016

PTO Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2016


  • Ashley Pantelis (President) opened meeting at 6:00pm.
    • Welcomed all; introduced review of October 4 meeting minutes.


  • Previous Meeting Minutes Review by Kieran MacCarthy (Secretary).
    • Copies available at meeting; also to be posted on NFMAA website in parent/PTO portal.
    • Minutes approval requested by Kieran MacCarthy, agreed and seconded by Laurie Ralston.


  • Treasurer Report with Revisions by Laurie Babcock (Treasurer).
    • Fall Fundraiser:
      • Received invoice from Great American for $12,000.
      • Total Fall Fundraiser sales of $25,045.33; total profit to NFMAA of @$9,000 (before any additional magazine sales).
      • Laurie B. to check online sales every month.


  • Additional Budget Requests:
    • Donuts for Dads – Kieran mentioned overwhelming turnout last year; proposed rsvp sheet this year to go out next week, with actual event November 18.
      • $500 to be budgeted for donut proposal.
      • Motion to approve from Bernice Ortega; Larry Ruble seconded.
      • Unanimous approval.
      • Veterans Breakfast – PTO donation for this?
        • Kieran mentioned this event is happening next Wednesday; wondered if PTO could add a donation to the Veterans support organization that the school is planning on giving.
          • 60 or 70 people signed up so far (relatives of students).
          • NJHS making coasters for each attendee with their service branch insignia.
          • Plan is to charge $1 for a wristband; students receive a dress down day.
          • Question if this is even possible for the school to do?
          • Laurie B. mentioned that PTO funds are (per bylaws), specifically for teachers and kids.  So basically, we just couldn’t do it; even though everyone appreciated and agreed with the sentiment.


  • Finalized revised budget can be found at end of minutes.




PTO Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2016
Page Two


  • Committee Reports:
    • Fall Fundraiser
      • Ashley reported that all Items have been delivered and distributed; everyone seems to be happy so far. 
      • A couple of refunds needed; then we should have a final number for budget.
      • Dr. Millins gave a special thanks to Daniel, Chrissy, and Kieran for money counting and fundraiser organizing.


  • Book Fair:
    • Sad that spy pens didn’t show up after two separate attempts at ordering.
    • Daniel spent $3.18 total of his $300 allocated Angel Fund.
    • On track to make approximately the same as last year.
    • Dates were changed to include Student Led Conferences & Talent Show.
    • Question was asked about having second book fair in April; last time we did it was when Daniel held one during Spring Fling.  Second one from Scholastic was mentioned as a BOGO?
    • Daniel working on logistics and answering questions on second sale with Scholastic.


  • Dr. Millins discussed coordination with other school events; working on getting more inclusive and communicative on scheduling to benefit all.
    • Going thru dates in May w/PTO and other organizations when scheduling next year.


  • Holiday House:
    • Ashley discussed dates for April, who is out of town.
    • November 17 – Set Up in Dragon Cafe
    • November 18 – Teacher Sign up for Walk-thru
    • November 28 through December 2 – Holiday House Open
    • Volunteer help always needed most in mornings.


  • Volunteers:
    • Discussion of – can we continue to use?
    • This is an online volunteer organization platform that was utilized for Book Fair. 
    • Everyone can see calendar; sign up for a date.
    • Ms. Hercek mentioned that as a teacher it’s a little sketchy; not a public forum.
    • Daniel mentioned the Book Fair did get a few volunteers from this; however, third party involvement a little annoying because we are not in control of it.
    • Kieran mentioned that while two of the Book Fair volunteers used it and liked it, the volunteer coverage was nowhere near complete throughout the entire two weeks; approximately 6 people total.
    • Ashley mentioned that there is a paid segment of where they will find volunteers for you?

PTO Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2016
Page Three

  • Volunteers (continued…):
    • Dr. Millins felt it was a basically good idea, but for parents who sign up to help PTO, they did not give permission for information to be given to a third party.
    • Heidi trying to work together to get volunteers for classrooms; not sure if this will work for this.
    • Dr. Millins felt the need to research further, especially finding out legal ramifications and notification parameters.  If we get clearance; PTO can do a presentation on what is proposed.
    • Stephanie Evans mentioned that other websites have been doing this for years; need to do some further research on what is available out there.
    • Tabled pending further research and further discussion.
    • Dr. Millins also proposed thinking outside the box to encourage participation; like utilizing parent pick up for volunteers.


  • Spring Fling Committee:
    • Spring Fling in desperate need of a Chairperson!
    • Date TBD, but we definitely need a date soon– so that we can start planning asap.
    • Bernice Ortega will Chair as long as she gets adequate help and support; Jennifer Holler will Co-Chair (way to step up, ladies!).
    • Check with Jill Moreland – she will help with all info from last year.
    • Just need to set the date asap; the sooner we can move on vendors, etc., the better.


  • Additional Discussion:
    • Stephanie Evans asked if can we think about fixing track or playground?
    • Laurie B. said it’s an awesome question; we funded the color-coded playground equipment last year, so there is precedent.
    • Possible shade covers?  Could definitely use a shaded area to replace the tree that fell down.
    • More research on how to do this and when; think about things the school needs. 
    • We have a gym, not a pavilion.  Not many elementary schools have that.
    • Larry Ruble mentioned that the District researched shade covers for another school; with prices, hurricane regulations, etc., it ultimately proved to be cost prohibitive. 
    • For any large-scale school improvements, would we need/be able to hold an additional fund raiser?
    • Daniel mentioned that Parks and Rec is doing a soccer field by us; we will have access to that when finished.


Jennifer Holler motioned for adjournment; Laurie Babcock seconded.
Ashley Pantelis adjourned meeting at 7:01pm.


PTO Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2016
Page Four


A/O November 1, 2016






North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts
Kindergarten through 8th Grade
A Title 1 School

North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts
PTO Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2016

  • Ashley Pantelis (President) opened meeting at 6:00pm:
    • Appreciates past and continued support from people involved in the organization.
    • Introduced other PTO Board Members:  Laurie Ralston (VP), Laurie Babcock (Treasurer), Kieran MacCarthy (Secretary)


  • Brief Welcome from Dr. Thomas Millins (Principal):
    • Hoping to engage parents in their children’s educations.
    • Plans to encourage attendance at monthly meetings.
    • Plans to discuss Title 1 designation and vision for NFMAA in more detail in SAC meeting.


  • Mission statement and her vision of this year’s PTO (Ashley Pantelis):
    • Wants to grow and further enhance PTO’s ability to support teachers and students.
    • Discussed need for parent volunteers to succeed in these efforts.


  • Budget recap (Laurie Babcock):
    • Budget period from July 1, 2016 through June 1, 2017.
    • $6705.47 at beginning of year; still paying some of last year’s approved expenses.
    • $5310.67 current working budget figure.
    • Came in under budgeted estimates for Open House and 6th Grade Orientation.
    • Probably will open Mini-Grant Program starting in October, after Fall Fundraiser closes out; will let teachers know exact date by next meeting.
    • Mini-Grants utilized approximately $3500 last year, which had been budgeted.
    • Last year’s Fall Fundraiser raised about $9000; no idea what to expect this year.
    • Last year’s other main PTO revenue generating events:
      • Holiday House: approx. $1500
      • Box Tops:  approx. $1500
      • Book Fair:  approx. $1500
  • Spring Fling is a free event for all students.


  • Additional revenue generating events (Laurie Ralston):
    • Possible Date Night for parents?
      • Cheri on board for providing paid dinner for parents.
      • Kids supervised in gym; provide pizza.
      • Could even be monthly or bi-monthly event.
      • Need Administration approval/guidance on additional fundraisers.


  • Additional communications/promotions efforts (Kieran MacCarthy):
    • Monthly newsletter      
    • Facebook integration
      • Dan Jeske to work with Daniel Ortega on tech opportunities.
  • Further cooperative efforts with other NFMAA organizations:
    • Builders Club
    • NJHS
    • PBS

PTO Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2016
Page Two


  • Additional communications/promotions efforts (Kieran MacCarthy) continued:
    • Arts Foundation –
      • Shout out to Arts Foundation President Heidi Bungard and VP Dan Jeske for attending and participating in the meeting. 
  • Volunteer Coordinator would be awesome to work with Bobbi Jo Thomas on contact data base, additional outreach.


  • Fall Fundraiser Recap (Ashley Pantelis):
    • Kids liked the emoji theme.
    • Deciding on date for the Illusionist Show for all 7+ item sellers; 15+ get special VIP experience.
    • Working on organizing and ordering everything within the week.


  • Scholastic Book Fair (Daniel Ortega - Chairperson):
    • Location issues, since school is so full.  Probably remain in Media Center.
    • Working on finalizing dates for October 17-October 28
      • That would hit both Student Led Conference (10/19) and Talent Show (10/28).
  • Working on keeping books $15 and under.
  • Possible BOGO Book Fair in spring?


  • Holiday House (Kieran MacCarthy):
    • April Gibson chairs this committee; she does an amazing job!
    • Christine Jeske handled the decorations last and it was awesome.
    • Kids get the opportunity to purchase small, inexpensive gifts for family, friends.


  • Spring Fling (Ashley Pantelis):
    • Free carnival type event for all students
    • Elementary had morning, middle had afternoon last year.
    • Bounce Houses, DJ, cotton candy, etc. etc.
    • Need dates asap!
    • Chairperson TBD.


  • TAC - Teacher Appreciation Committee (Belkys Sherman - Chairperson):
    • Usually looking for ideas for 130 people; staff, crew, teachers.
    • Can always use more help!
    • Also can use any craft type stuff you may have lying around the house.
    • TAC Week 1st Week of May – Three days are ours, two done by administration.


  • Box Tops for Education (Kieran MacCarthy):
    • Chrissy Anderson is Chairperson for this committee.
    • Did a great job last year; looking to beat last year’s record of $1500.
    • Working on new incentives for parents and teachers.


PTO Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2016
Page Three


  • Efforts to improve communication schoolwide (Dr. Millins): 
    • Possible ParentLink overkill? 
    • Possible implementation of an ad hoc committee to improve this area.
    • Wants to work on most effective marketing for all areas.
    • Wants to explore and improve all technological aspects available.


  • Shoparoo (Stephanie Evans – Chairperson):
    • Easiest fundraiser ever! An app for your smartphone gets you started.
    • September 1 starts the new year.
    • Snap pix of receipts (not gas) within 14 days and get points which translate into dollars for NFMAA!


  • Holiday Grams (Ashley Pantelis):
    • Selling little notes and candy/goodies to kids at holidays.
    • Students can purchase for friends, family, teachers, etc.
    • PTO will make and distribute them if administration approves.


  • PTO Uniform Room (Kieran MacCarthy):
    • New Washer/Dryer purchased; not yet installed.
    • Need belts, lanyards, shoes.
    • Always looking for volunteers for this.


  • Open Discussion/Additional Suggestions:
    • Box Tops – Middle School or Teacher Challenges?
    • Thrifty Fair – Exchange or sell stuff to each other/community?
    • Look to community for Sponsored donations?  (ex. BJ’s adopts schools).
    • Flyer Nights (Ruby Tuesday, El Primo, etc.) – need a Chairperson for this?
    • Ms. Thomson – discussion of Ms. Hodges project (possible Mini-Grant material).


Ashley Pantelis motioned to adjourn at 6:58pm.
Kieran MacCarthy (and everyone else) seconded!
Meeting Adjourned at 6:59pm.

North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts
Kindergarten through 8th Grade
A Title 1 School