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PTO Meeting Minutes


April 4, 2017


  • Laurie Ralston (President) called meeting to order at 6:06pm.


  • Fall Fundraiser Presentation (Otis Spunkmeyer).
    • Introduced Don from Otis Spunkmeyer for fundraiser presentation.   o LED bracelets available; will last 8-10 hours, passed out cookies.  
    • This year they are spotlighting “pixel” items. 
    • They would provide a Live kick off (similar to Great American).
    • Extensive Money Machine Award Structure:  Money machine also used as incentive for teachers, as well as 3 sessions for students.
    • Top seller goes in money machine for 20 seconds…up to $250 in machine.  Also top class seller teacher.  
    • Money wheel for 30 item level.   o 2 items – colored lanyards plus pixels (like legos).  o 5 items go into a money machine opportunity drawing.   o 10 items level gets a prize party…game trailer.  40 mins for 20 kids.   
    • 15 item level; silly string party (non-staining).  2 people get shot at; they can also shoot back.  Pix taken.  
    • 20 item level; bubble wrap smack down…5 lb. Hershey bar.   o Separate middle school and elementary.   o 30 item level wheel of cash.  o Everything offered is comped.   o  65% of sales are cookies.  Only cookie dough you can safely eat raw.   o Can use High Schools for distribution help – Island Coast students need hours, for example.   o 1 free delivery for customer service.  Delivered frozen; 6 – 8 hours for distribution.
    • Free teacher gifts – depending on what is being done with the company.  
    • Money envelope that kids have; bring in one time.  Honor system for pixel delivery.  
    • 40% profit for a 2-week sale. 


  • Treasurers Report – read by Laurie Ralston.
    • Current balances (as of 4/4/2017):

                          ·        General account: $8,438.01

                          ·        Read-A-Thon: $2,501.10

                          ·        Box Tops: $3,167.95

· TOTAL PTO account balance: $14,107.06 o Shout out to Chrissy Anderson for great fundraising on Read-a-thon.

  • Motion to approve by Larry Ruble; seconded by Laurie Ralston.


PTO Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2017

Page Two


  • March minutes motion to approve by Larry Ruble; seconded by Daniel Ortega.


  • Financial Discussions – Additional Events. o Mini grants Update

?  Odyssey of the Mind request for Ms. Fenicle – approved.

?  French Club - Kids are loving it!

?  Mr. Taunton requests – approved.

?  Ms. Walters requests talked about; $500 to be possibly funded by Arts Foundation?

  • Field Days

? Dr. Millins passed around schedule.

? Some Games probably new to younger set.  

? Volunteers still needed; schedule a work in progress.  

? Stephanie Evans requested more advance notice for future events.  

? Speak with Ms. Dutko re: specifics of event.  

? NJHS helping out on elementary day. o Science/Earth Day T-shirt Sale from Ms. Hammes.

? To be worn 4/21 Friday for school beautification ceremonies.

? Purchase Forms going out tomorrow.

? T-Shirt purchase at $15/shirt.

  • Camp in reading event scheduled for 4/20/17. o Summer Camp happening; flyers in front office.


  • Larry Ruble motioned to adjourn; Kieran MacCarthy seconded. 


  • Meeting adjourned at 6:52pm.


North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts

Kindergarten through 8th Grade A Title 1 School 

PTO Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2017


  • Laurie Ralston (President) called meeting to order at 6:04pm.


  • February minutes motion to approve by Laurie Ralston; seconded by Kieran MacCarthy.


  • Laurie Babcock (Treasurer) presented the Treasurer’s Report:


  • General account: $9,353.71
    Box Tops: $3,266.70
     TOTAL PTO account balance: $12,620.41
    (fundraising funds were previously deposited into the General Ledger)
    Fundraising profits 2016-2017: $12,262.76
    Fall fundraiser profits: $8,847.51
    Book Fair profits: $1,408.47
    Holiday House profits: $1,555.70
    Grams profits: $451.08
  • Mini-grants – looking to finalize paid out sums on mini-grants.
  • Next month – LB looking for budget requests, funding requests from admin.
  • Color copier now being looked at by Alan and Ann; need to get compatible computer/@$300; Laurie Babcock requested a monthly ink estimates for budget.
  • Fundraiser contracts need to be finalized by Dr. Millins; need chairspersons asap.
  • Laurie B. mentioned that in looking at fundraisers last year, it seemed rational to stay with known quantity. 
  • Any alternatives would need to be researched and decided upon quickly.
  • Laurie Ralston motioned to approve Treasurers Report; seconded by Chrissy Anderson.


  • Mini-grant Discussion:


  • All current mini-grant requests have been processed.
  • Claudia suggested that Mr. Romano could look at Donors choice for additional LEGO funding; another possible avenue would be Amazon Smiles.
  • Marino and Winfield have grant requests currently with district.
  • Odyssey of the Mind mini-grant coming up for coaches going to state? 


  • Pig races update:


  • Held quite late in the year, but really fun!


PTO Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2017

Page Two

  • Read-a-Thon Update:
  • Chrissy Anderson updated on the awesome Read-a-thon.  It was extended one week because of distribution and printing issues; now ending this Friday, with all paperwork due on Monday. 
  • $500 has already been collected and deposited!!  
  • Problems noted with general flyer distribution; possible different approach for Middle School?
  • Need more participation and support from all teachers for these events.
  • Ms. Dutko to work on ideas for next years’ Scholastic Book Fair.


  • Book Discussion:


  • Mrs. Walters discussed the problem for higher level Middle School readers; no college level books.
  • Suggested Sandman Bookstore on Burnt Store Road; can turn in old books for credit, and would like to partner with NFMAA in some way.
  • Laurie Babcock asked if they were a District approved vendor (probably not); suggested writing a mini-grant request for $200/year for books?
  • Ms. Dutko to look into SAC funding/business partner needing District approval?
  • Walters currently writing a $60,000 grant for Library.
  • Goal is to initiate partnership next year; bookstore can track purchases/donations.


  • Field Days:


  • Ms. Dutko discussed the upcoming Field Days; April 6 & 7.
  • Distributed list of items currently being sought; looking for donations and/or purchase.
  • Laurie Babcock discussed the request that PTO provide $1000 for Southern SnoBalls to provide shaved ice snow cones for all students; discussion as to whether PBS could pay for half of this?  Laurie B. motioned to provide matching funds w/PBS up to $500; Kieran MacCarthy seconded.  Ms. Dutko to discuss with PBS.
  • Further information to follow; probably looking for PTO to provide 30-40 volunteers over the two days.
  • PBS plans on buying a new sound system for cafeteria (is it an actual PA system?). –
  • Need better incentives for Dragon Diamonds, especially for Middle School??  Not much alternative incentives. 
  • Dutko discussed current PBS agendas; Elementary chosen to stay with individual Renaissance Rallys – Working on getting things moving and organized.
  • PTO Info night – potential membership drive?  To be discussed further at a later date.


  • Motion to adjourn by Laurie Ralston; Laurie Babcock seconded. 
  • Meeting ended at 7:00pm.
  • PTO Meeting Minutes
    February 7, 2017

    • Meeting called to order at 6:05pm.


    • Previous Meeting Minutes Review

    • Minutes approval requested by Laurie Babcock; seconded by Chrissy Anderson.


    • Treasurer’s Report presented by Laurie Babcock (Treasurer)


    • Current balances (as of 2/7/2017):
      • General account: $10,643.81
      • Box Tops: $3,280.30
      • Candy Grams: $20.00
      • TOTAL PTO account balance: $13,944.11
      • Motion to approve report by Kieran MacCarthy; Chrissy Anderson seconded.


    • Lego Robotics Class Demonstration presented by Mr. Romano


    • Mr. Romano discussed the class while demonstrating student built robots.
    • Kids race each other; with 10 kits, there can be 2 kids assigned per bot.
    • Discussed all different avenues to be explored; bots can be remote controlled, utilize Bluetooth; different programming options.
    • They can build and test virtually as well; utilizing chromebooks.
    • Lego league tournaments; programming and building bots scored by getting points for each. 
    • Competitors must work as a team. 
    • Working towards first Lego League competition.
    • Download software free for 15 days on old computers; not on chromebooks.
    • Web based discussions for use with chromebooks. 
    • Currently Grades 6-8 only; working on donations for younger kids.
    • Utilizes “Basic” language (from 80’s); if…then moves; to program.
    • Encompasses many different disciplines; mathematics, science, etc. (gear ratios on wheels; torque, friction; troubleshooting; wheel size, motion, etc.).
    • Working on summer camp 6 hour block (or 3/3 split), so younger kids can join.
    • 10 kids in class; 3 could go deal with younger kids.
    • One expansion kit per year to maintain ($120 w/tax).
    • First Lego league in September; purchase of game board ($225) comes with pieces.
    • 3 bots to make a core ($348.50) team of 6 kids.
    • Team building activities; workshops; etc. tournaments at Cypress Lake Middle; than Orlando.
    • Mentioned participating in Stemtastic event this Saturday at Harbor Convention Center (10-3).
    • Mr. Taunton interested in leading elementary school robotics opportunity.

    PTO Meeting Minutes

    February 7, 2017

    Page Two


    • Financial Discussion led by Laurie Ralston


    • Mini-Grants
      • Laurie Ralston went over recent Mini-Grants
      • 4/5 gifted trip to St. Augustine; $500
      • Ms. Taunton laser pointer; $32
      • Ms. Walters reading night supplies; $100
      • Photo booth for NJHS; further discussion about photo issues continuing.


    • Fall Fundraiser Pig Races
      • Alan Klingensmith to put on school news.
      • Daniel Ortega to put on Facebook live?
      • Need AA batteries for pigs.


    • Book Fair / SSYRA Discussion
      • Daniel Ortega said there probably won’t be a second Scholastic Book Fair this year.
      • Chrissy Anderson suggested PTO purchase an additional set of this year’s SSYRA book selections for library.
      • Current set availability limited to Book Battle contestants only.
      • Can we utilize Angel Fund bookmarked for first book fair for additional SSYRA set?  Not actually how the budget is itemized, but point being there is at least some funding for this @$500 expense.
      • Chrissy Anderson motioned for PTO to pay for second set of the SSYRA books; Kieran MacCarthy seconded; Belkys Sherman approved as third. 
      •  Ms. Francey given approval to order; bill to go to Laurie Babcock/Ann Caldwell.
      • Suggestion for Laurie Babcock to put into PTO budget; Chrissy Anderson seconded.


    • Read-a-thon Discussion
      • Laurie Ralston explained general idea; to solicit donations for books/time read from sponsors.
      • Tie-in with Literacy Night event for kick-off? 
      • Need flyers/reading and sponsor sheets for this.
      • 2 weeks duration…last week of Seuss week for end?
      • CA to lead on this; discussed dress down day incentives; getting with Dr. Millins for how to reward? Hours not money?


    PTO Meeting Minutes

    February 7, 2017

    Page Three


    • Field Days


    • Leadership Committee dealing with specifics; currently scheduled for April 6 and 7
    • Will be looking for volunteers from PTO; more info to come soon.
    • Dr. Millins stressed that admin is not against a Spring Fling in future.
    • Kieran MacCarthy requested that admin please let the kids know asap what is going on with this.


    • Mints for testing
      • Chrissy Anderson proposed PTO provide classrooms with mints for testing; they are thought to help with focus and alertness.
      • Currently teachers pay for these if they utilize at all.
      • Suggestions include requesting via mini-grants? 
      • Teacher suggestion was for a mint drive??  Possibly Facebook and Flyer promotions?


    • Color Printer for PTO Office
      • Chrissy Anderson proposed the purchase of a color printer for PTO.
      • Laurie Babcock suggested creating an email for executive board to vote on a printer.
      • Daniel Ortega to research and suggest a good one to purchase.

    Laurie Ralston motioned to adjourn meeting; Chrissy Anderson seconded.
    Meeting was adjourned at 7:04pm.


North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts
Kindergarten through 8th Grade
A Title 1 School


PTO Meeting Minutes


January 10, 2017


? Meeting called to order at 6:00pm.

o (Secretary not present at beginning of meeting.)

Previous Meeting Minutes Review by Kieran MacCarthy (Secretary)


  • Copies to be posted on NFMAA website in Parent/PTO portal.
  • Minutes approval requested by Heidi Bungard; seconded by Daniel Ortega.

Treasurer’s Report presented by Laurie Babcock (Treasurer)


o Current balances (as of 1/9/2017):  $13,995.01

-                      General account: $11,568.78

-                      Box Tops: $2,127.03

-                      Candy Grams: $299.20 o Book fair down about $200 from last year; still quite successful. o Motion to approve Treasurer Report requested by Larry Ruble; seconded by Heidi Bungard.


Mini-Grant Discussion  


  • Laurie Babcock reviewed Mini Grant process wording proposed wording changes approval motioned by Laurie Babcock; seconded by Larry Ruble.
  • Laurie Babcock reviewed entire Mini-Grant request process (see addendum).
  • Laurie Babcock to send copies of Mini-Grant request form document to Ms. Gunns to put on public school server.   o Kieran MacCarthy expressed desire to continue further efforts to streamline the process, specifically if additional information or discussion is involved. o Possibly utilize Survey Monkey for voting process?  


Additional Fundraising 


  • Book Fair already discussed; second book fair primarily for library, not funds.  
  • Without Spring Fling, sales potentials probably not as great.

Page Two


Spring Fling Discussion


  • Dr. Millins discussed the decision to not have a “Spring Fling” celebration this year. o Spring Fling previously a reward used for our “A” rating. o School has dropped down grade levels for two years, and yet we still had it. o Leadership Team & Millins discussed, and an anonymous vote was held; 16-2 for no Spring Fling event this year.
  • We need a replacement to show the school still appreciates the current efforts; working on a “Field Day” type of event instead.
  • This decision will be irrevocable, at least as pertains to any Inflatables; they need to be ordered quite far in advance, so they will be unavailable to us this year unless arranged for now.
  • Ideas needed for fun day for kids; just not a big carnival event (see addendum); google other schools for additional ideas.
  • Concerns about kids extended time outside, as well as the size of groups involved.   o Probably break up into grade groups (K-2, 3-5, MS?). o Date and further discussion to be added to agenda for February PTO Meeting. o Laurie Babcock requested that we do not offer cotton candy at 9am.
  • Teachers request that Middle School have their event at end of the day.


Meeting/Information Survey

o Heidi Bungard distributed a brief survey.

Laurie Babcock moved to adjourn; Daniel Ortega seconded. Meeting ended at 6:55pm.


North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts Kindergarten through 8th Grade

A Title 1 School

Page Three

PTO Mini Grant or Supplies Reimbursement Procedure

  1. Initial request comes in by email: A teacher submits a mini grant form to the PTO gmail account as either an electronic copy or a scanned copy in .pdf form. As keeper of the gmail account, the Secretary forwards the request to e-addresses of Executive Board with a deadline of 48 business hours to yea/nay the request or to ask for more information from the requestor. Any individual Exec Board member who neither yeas or nays or requests further information within the 48 hours forfeits their vote and does not count towards quorum. 2/3rds is needed for a request to be approved.

a.       Quorum: If there are 3 officers, 2 school officials, and 6 Standing Committee Chairs, that’s 11 people so 8 would be needed for approval if all voted.

  1. PTO responds to request: The Secretary communicates to the requestor that the request was approved or denied with a brief explanation if needed. The Secretary CC’s the Treasurer and the NFMAA Bookkeeper. Individual votes should not be shared with the requestor unless the requestor asks for that information. Individual votes must be documented by the Secretary in case a question is later raised. The Secretary should maintain records of all individual votes for at least one school year and pass this information to the next Secretary.
  2. Financial reporting of a mini grant request: The Treasurer reports at the next regular meeting of the PTO the number of mini grants requested, number approved, and total dollar amount of each, plus how that affects the total amount available in the budget. The Treasurer also tracks and reports when monies were paid out for mini grant requests. The Treasurer should maintain records of all mini grant pay-outs for at least one school year and pass this information to the next Treasurer.


Page Four



  • Quick Baseball (see Cal Ripken Foundation)
  • Color Run o Water balloon toss
  • Fill buckets with water using small containers
  • Water day o Relay Games o Dance Party o Egg Race o Three Legged Race o Corn Hole Tournament o Mad Scientist Experiments o Touch a Truck Event o Red Light/Green Light o Balls o Mother May I o Bean Bag Toss o Extra Large Chess/Checkers
  • Life Size Clue o An obstacle course 
  • A combination relay - where kids run a race but it has things to do along the way such as getting a ball in a basket before moving on, stopping to blow bubbles at a station along the way


PTO Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2016


  • Meeting called to order at 6:02pm.


  • Previous Meeting Minutes Review by Kieran MacCarthy (Secretary)
    • Copies to be posted on NFMAA website in parent/pto portal.
    • Minutes approval requested by Heidi Bungard; seconded by Daniel Ortega.
  • Election of New Officers
    • Per by-laws, Laurie Rolston (current PTO VP) accepted open position of PTO President.
    • Daniel Ortega nominated to fill vacated VP position by Heidi Bungard; nomination seconded by Bernice Ortega.  No other nominations were presented.
    • Daniel Ortega voted in unanimously and unopposed as PTO Vice President.


  • Mini-Grant Discussion
  • Proposed mini-grant for 4/5 gifted field trip to St. Augustine; $250 for 2 children to attend.
  • Teachers have been fundraising; selling smencils; pizza, magnets, etc.
  • Also receiving donations/sponsors for other students.
  • Deadline for our approval process? February sometime.
  • Postpone final decision until January; amount needed may go down?
  • KMAC to send email to let teachers know. 


  • Scholastic Book Fair Close Out
  • Total NFMAA profit:  $1410.47; Chairman Daniel Ortega pleased with this number, in line with previous years.
  • He also got information on a second book fair for the spring. 
  • Might consider a second one mostly for the library; hopefully to coincide w/Spring Fling
  • Theme for scholastic books can be translated into (scholastic?) cash; possibly do a bingo for books event? Theme ideas integrated into school; can be awarded up to $5000.


  • Holiday House report
  • Mr. Wolfe asked if we can run longer than one week? 
  • Not sure, but possibly work on better structuring shopping times allowed from teachers? 
  • Possibly promote products on facebook, news, whatever. 
  • Possible elementary shopping during recess; MS during lunch?


PTO Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2016

Page Two

  • Upcoming events
  • Staff Holiday Breakfast – December 15, Thursday 6:30am/start at 6:45am
    • Approve $500 for breakfast Heidi Bungard motioned to approve; Bernice Ortega seconded.
    • Motion passed unanimously.
    • Polar Express Thursday for Kindergarten; Cheri Cuff to pay for 9-9:30 event.
    • December 16 – ugly sweater day; staff Christmas party.
    • December 16 pig races.  Heidi needs to send email; needs winners classes.
      • Pizza party for winners – top two only?
      • Trophies for winners – each grade?
      • Dr. Millins kiss a pig fundraiser?
      • Spring Fling – date to be given tomorrow at admin meeting.
        • Possibly March 16?? Thursday before Spring Break
        • Renaissance Rallys going on in classrooms; each grade level doing something.
        • Holiday Grams; brief overview by Daniel Ortega; starting soon.
        • December 19 K-2 Santa Breakfast in café (9ish) w/Daniel Ortega as Santa.
          • Who pays?  Why not regular breakfast offerings?


  • Next meeting set for January 10, 2017

Heidi Bungard motioned to adjourn; Stephanie Evans seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 6:48pm.


North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts
Kindergarten through 8th Grade
A Title 1 School

PTO Minutes for November 2016

PTO Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2016


  • Ashley Pantelis (President) opened meeting at 6:00pm.
    • Welcomed all; introduced review of October 4 meeting minutes.


  • Previous Meeting Minutes Review by Kieran MacCarthy (Secretary).
    • Copies available at meeting; also to be posted on NFMAA website in parent/PTO portal.
    • Minutes approval requested by Kieran MacCarthy, agreed and seconded by Laurie Ralston.


  • Treasurer Report with Revisions by Laurie Babcock (Treasurer).
    • Fall Fundraiser:
      • Received invoice from Great American for $12,000.
      • Total Fall Fundraiser sales of $25,045.33; total profit to NFMAA of @$9,000 (before any additional magazine sales).
      • Laurie B. to check online sales every month.


  • Additional Budget Requests:
    • Donuts for Dads – Kieran mentioned overwhelming turnout last year; proposed rsvp sheet this year to go out next week, with actual event November 18.
      • $500 to be budgeted for donut proposal.
      • Motion to approve from Bernice Ortega; Larry Ruble seconded.
      • Unanimous approval.
      • Veterans Breakfast – PTO donation for this?
        • Kieran mentioned this event is happening next Wednesday; wondered if PTO could add a donation to the Veterans support organization that the school is planning on giving.
          • 60 or 70 people signed up so far (relatives of students).
          • NJHS making coasters for each attendee with their service branch insignia.
          • Plan is to charge $1 for a wristband; students receive a dress down day.
          • Question if this is even possible for the school to do?
          • Laurie B. mentioned that PTO funds are (per bylaws), specifically for teachers and kids.  So basically, we just couldn’t do it; even though everyone appreciated and agreed with the sentiment.


  • Finalized revised budget can be found at end of minutes.


PTO Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2016
Page Two


  • Committee Reports:
    • Fall Fundraiser
      • Ashley reported that all Items have been delivered and distributed; everyone seems to be happy so far. 
      • A couple of refunds needed; then we should have a final number for budget.
      • Dr. Millins gave a special thanks to Daniel, Chrissy, and Kieran for money counting and fundraiser organizing.


  • Book Fair:
    • Sad that spy pens didn’t show up after two separate attempts at ordering.
    • Daniel spent $3.18 total of his $300 allocated Angel Fund.
    • On track to make approximately the same as last year.
    • Dates were changed to include Student Led Conferences & Talent Show.
    • Question was asked about having second book fair in April; last time we did it was when Daniel held one during Spring Fling.  Second one from Scholastic was mentioned as a BOGO?
    • Daniel working on logistics and answering questions on second sale with Scholastic.


  • Dr. Millins discussed coordination with other school events; working on getting more inclusive and communicative on scheduling to benefit all.
    • Going thru dates in May w/PTO and other organizations when scheduling next year.


  • Holiday House:
    • Ashley discussed dates for April, who is out of town.
    • November 17 – Set Up in Dragon Cafe
    • November 18 – Teacher Sign up for Walk-thru
    • November 28 through December 2 – Holiday House Open
    • Volunteer help always needed most in mornings.


  • Volunteers:
    • Discussion of – can we continue to use?
    • This is an online volunteer organization platform that was utilized for Book Fair. 
    • Everyone can see calendar; sign up for a date.
    • Ms. Hercek mentioned that as a teacher it’s a little sketchy; not a public forum.
    • Daniel mentioned the Book Fair did get a few volunteers from this; however, third party involvement a little annoying because we are not in control of it.
    • Kieran mentioned that while two of the Book Fair volunteers used it and liked it, the volunteer coverage was nowhere near complete throughout the entire two weeks; approximately 6 people total.
    • Ashley mentioned that there is a paid segment of where they will find volunteers for you?

PTO Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2016
Page Three

  • Volunteers (continued…):
    • Dr. Millins felt it was a basically good idea, but for parents who sign up to help PTO, they did not give permission for information to be given to a third party.
    • Heidi trying to work together to get volunteers for classrooms; not sure if this will work for this.
    • Dr. Millins felt the need to research further, especially finding out legal ramifications and notification parameters.  If we get clearance; PTO can do a presentation on what is proposed.
    • Stephanie Evans mentioned that other websites have been doing this for years; need to do some further research on what is available out there.
    • Tabled pending further research and further discussion.
    • Dr. Millins also proposed thinking outside the box to encourage participation; like utilizing parent pick up for volunteers.


  • Spring Fling Committee:
    • Spring Fling in desperate need of a Chairperson!
    • Date TBD, but we definitely need a date soon– so that we can start planning asap.
    • Bernice Ortega will Chair as long as she gets adequate help and support; Jennifer Holler will Co-Chair (way to step up, ladies!).
    • Check with Jill Moreland – she will help with all info from last year.
    • Just need to set the date asap; the sooner we can move on vendors, etc., the better.


  • Additional Discussion:
    • Stephanie Evans asked if can we think about fixing track or playground?
    • Laurie B. said it’s an awesome question; we funded the color-coded playground equipment last year, so there is precedent.
    • Possible shade covers?  Could definitely use a shaded area to replace the tree that fell down.
    • More research on how to do this and when; think about things the school needs. 
    • We have a gym, not a pavilion.  Not many elementary schools have that.
    • Larry Ruble mentioned that the District researched shade covers for another school; with prices, hurricane regulations, etc., it ultimately proved to be cost prohibitive. 
    • For any large-scale school improvements, would we need/be able to hold an additional fund raiser?
    • Daniel mentioned that Parks and Rec is doing a soccer field by us; we will have access to that when finished.


Jennifer Holler motioned for adjournment; Laurie Babcock seconded.
Ashley Pantelis adjourned meeting at 7:01pm.


PTO Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2016
Page Four


A/O November 1, 2016



North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts
Kindergarten through 8th Grade
A Title 1 School

North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts
PTO Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2016

  • Ashley Pantelis (President) opened meeting at 6:00pm:
    • Appreciates past and continued support from people involved in the organization.
    • Introduced other PTO Board Members:  Laurie Ralston (VP), Laurie Babcock (Treasurer), Kieran MacCarthy (Secretary)


  • Brief Welcome from Dr. Thomas Millins (Principal):
    • Hoping to engage parents in their children’s educations.
    • Plans to encourage attendance at monthly meetings.
    • Plans to discuss Title 1 designation and vision for NFMAA in more detail in SAC meeting.


  • Mission statement and her vision of this year’s PTO (Ashley Pantelis):
    • Wants to grow and further enhance PTO’s ability to support teachers and students.
    • Discussed need for parent volunteers to succeed in these efforts.


  • Budget recap (Laurie Babcock):
    • Budget period from July 1, 2016 through June 1, 2017.
    • $6705.47 at beginning of year; still paying some of last year’s approved expenses.
    • $5310.67 current working budget figure.
    • Came in under budgeted estimates for Open House and 6th Grade Orientation.
    • Probably will open Mini-Grant Program starting in October, after Fall Fundraiser closes out; will let teachers know exact date by next meeting.
    • Mini-Grants utilized approximately $3500 last year, which had been budgeted.
    • Last year’s Fall Fundraiser raised about $9000; no idea what to expect this year.
    • Last year’s other main PTO revenue generating events:
      • Holiday House: approx. $1500
      • Box Tops:  approx. $1500
      • Book Fair:  approx. $1500
  • Spring Fling is a free event for all students.


  • Additional revenue generating events (Laurie Ralston):
    • Possible Date Night for parents?
      • Cheri on board for providing paid dinner for parents.
      • Kids supervised in gym; provide pizza.
      • Could even be monthly or bi-monthly event.
      • Need Administration approval/guidance on additional fundraisers.


  • Additional communications/promotions efforts (Kieran MacCarthy):
    • Monthly newsletter      
    • Facebook integration
      • Dan Jeske to work with Daniel Ortega on tech opportunities.
  • Further cooperative efforts with other NFMAA organizations:
    • Builders Club
    • NJHS
    • PBS

PTO Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2016
Page Two


  • Additional communications/promotions efforts (Kieran MacCarthy) continued:
    • Arts Foundation –
      • Shout out to Arts Foundation President Heidi Bungard and VP Dan Jeske for attending and participating in the meeting. 
  • Volunteer Coordinator would be awesome to work with Bobbi Jo Thomas on contact data base, additional outreach.


  • Fall Fundraiser Recap (Ashley Pantelis):
    • Kids liked the emoji theme.
    • Deciding on date for the Illusionist Show for all 7+ item sellers; 15+ get special VIP experience.
    • Working on organizing and ordering everything within the week.


  • Scholastic Book Fair (Daniel Ortega - Chairperson):
    • Location issues, since school is so full.  Probably remain in Media Center.
    • Working on finalizing dates for October 17-October 28
      • That would hit both Student Led Conference (10/19) and Talent Show (10/28).
  • Working on keeping books $15 and under.
  • Possible BOGO Book Fair in spring?


  • Holiday House (Kieran MacCarthy):
    • April Gibson chairs this committee; she does an amazing job!
    • Christine Jeske handled the decorations last and it was awesome.
    • Kids get the opportunity to purchase small, inexpensive gifts for family, friends.


  • Spring Fling (Ashley Pantelis):
    • Free carnival type event for all students
    • Elementary had morning, middle had afternoon last year.
    • Bounce Houses, DJ, cotton candy, etc. etc.
    • Need dates asap!
    • Chairperson TBD.


  • TAC - Teacher Appreciation Committee (Belkys Sherman - Chairperson):
    • Usually looking for ideas for 130 people; staff, crew, teachers.
    • Can always use more help!
    • Also can use any craft type stuff you may have lying around the house.
    • TAC Week 1st Week of May – Three days are ours, two done by administration.


  • Box Tops for Education (Kieran MacCarthy):
    • Chrissy Anderson is Chairperson for this committee.
    • Did a great job last year; looking to beat last year’s record of $1500.
    • Working on new incentives for parents and teachers.


PTO Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2016
Page Three


  • Efforts to improve communication schoolwide (Dr. Millins): 
    • Possible ParentLink overkill? 
    • Possible implementation of an ad hoc committee to improve this area.
    • Wants to work on most effective marketing for all areas.
    • Wants to explore and improve all technological aspects available.


  • Shoparoo (Stephanie Evans – Chairperson):
    • Easiest fundraiser ever! An app for your smartphone gets you started.
    • September 1 starts the new year.
    • Snap pix of receipts (not gas) within 14 days and get points which translate into dollars for NFMAA!


  • Holiday Grams (Ashley Pantelis):
    • Selling little notes and candy/goodies to kids at holidays.
    • Students can purchase for friends, family, teachers, etc.
    • PTO will make and distribute them if administration approves.


  • PTO Uniform Room (Kieran MacCarthy):
    • New Washer/Dryer purchased; not yet installed.
    • Need belts, lanyards, shoes.
    • Always looking for volunteers for this.


  • Open Discussion/Additional Suggestions:
    • Box Tops – Middle School or Teacher Challenges?
    • Thrifty Fair – Exchange or sell stuff to each other/community?
    • Look to community for Sponsored donations?  (ex. BJ’s adopts schools).
    • Flyer Nights (Ruby Tuesday, El Primo, etc.) – need a Chairperson for this?
    • Ms. Thomson – discussion of Ms. Hodges project (possible Mini-Grant material).


Ashley Pantelis motioned to adjourn at 6:58pm.
Kieran MacCarthy (and everyone else) seconded!
Meeting Adjourned at 6:59pm.

North Ft. Myers Academy for the Arts
Kindergarten through 8th Grade
A Title 1 School