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Director: Joelle Hammes
E-mail address:

Assistant Director: Stacy Taylor
E-mail address:

Bookkeeper: Debbie Flores
E-mail address:


Phone: 239-997-2131
Fax: 239-997-6762


PROGRAM GOAL: To provide our NFMAA students with a safe and structured environment, while meeting the needs of our working parents.

After school:                    2:10 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Arts Enrichment services are available whenever school is in full day sessions.  There are no program services when children are out of school for Teacher Duty Days, In-service Days and district observed holidays including Winter Break and Spring Break.  After School Care will NOT be available for early dismissal days on December 16th, 17th and 18th of 2020 and May 28th, June 1st and 2nd, 2021.  The last day for Arts Enrichment will be Friday, May 27, 2021.

Annual Registration Fee:            $25.00 per child (new) / $10.00 per child (returning)

Afternoon Weekly Rate:              $50.00 per child per week

Family Discount:                         $50.00 for the first child, $35.00 for the second child, and $25.00 for the third child per week.  Each additional child after that is $25.00 per week.

The weekly rate is due each Friday to hold your child(ren)’s spot in the Arts Enrichments Program whether your child(ren) attend(s) every day or not.  First payment is due Friday, August 7, 2020 for the week of August 10th - 14th.

Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, prior to participation, must be registered in the Arts Enrichment Program.  See the Parent Packet for complete Program details.

Enrollment criteria include:

  • Students must be able to function in a group of twenty-five students with one adult
  • Space is limited and enrollment may be closed due to high numbers.  A wait list will be available.
  • Student must have independent bathroom skills.

Program works on a Pre-Pay basis.  Payment is due prior to participation.  Payment may be made in the main office during school hours, or when dropping off or picking up your child.  Cash, check and credit cards are acceptedMake checks payable to NFMAA.  Please write child(ren)’s name on the FOR line at the bottom of the check.  Children will NOT be allowed into the Program with an unpaid balance.  Unpaid balances are subject to collection.

          According to Florida Constitution Article VII, Section 10, Pledging Credit, “Neither the state nor any county, school district, municipality, special district or agency of them, shall become a joint owner with, or stockholder of, or give, lend or use its taxing power or credit to aid any Corporation, association, partnership or person.”


It is a courtesy that we maintain a monies owed and credit list in the office when you pick up your child, however, it may not always be there.  A $25 late payment fee is added each week a payment is late, and more than three late payments could result in dismissal of the program.

Arts Enrichment balances must be paid in full so that children may attend/participate in any extended day activities (including but not limited to: Clubs, Dances, Trips, Tutoring).

Arts Enrichment will NOT have cash available to make change.  The change may be applied to your account for credit towards future use in the program.

The program closes at 6:00 p.m.  Children who are picked up after 6:00 p.m. will be charged $10.00 for the first 15 minutes (cell phone time).  Arriving after 6:15 p.m. will result in an additional fee of $1.00 per minuteChildren who are repeatedly picked up late (three times or more) could be dismissed from the program.

Any returned checks will be collected by our Bookkeeper and all future payments will need to be in cash or credit card ONLY.  Other charges may be accrued during this collection process.

All past due balances must be paid in full before a registration form for 2019-2020 may be accepted.

Tax papers will be sent by mail to the address you provided on the Arts Enrichment Registration form.

Parents will sign their child(ren) out in the Front Office for After School Care.  You must have photo ID.  Only contacts on the Registration form will be permitted to pick up your child.

Please be advised, your child(ren) will not be called for pick up until you hang up your phone. This is to ensure that we may have your attention to discuss money matters, behavior concerns or any other concerns.


If the person designated to pick up your child(ren) is not on your Registration form, the following will be adhered to:

The parent will be required to e-mail the Arts Enrichment Director and/or call the school to give permission to have your child(ren) picked up by that certain person.  Included in this e-mail and/or phone call should be the child(ren)’s name(s), grade(s) and name of the person picking up your child(ren).  When the designated person arrives at the office, they must have a photo I.D.

Time for homework will be given each day Monday-Thursday.  This is NOT a tutoring service, but a time to complete homework.  The Arts Enrichment workers will do their best to assist your child(ren) in completing homework, however, it is the child(ren)’s parent/guardian(s) responsibility to make sure that all assignments are completed each night.  We cannot guarantee homework will be completed.


This program will adhere to the policy below as well to all Lee County District policies:

First Offense:        Verbal Warning (child/parent/director conference)
Second Offense:   Child/Parent/Principal Conference
Third Offense:       One Week Suspension
Fourth Offense:     Enrollment Revoked

Discipline infractions are but not limited to the following:

  • Fighting, hitting or verbally abusing another person
  • Not following the instructions of all program staff
  • Repeated infractions/same offense
  • Gross insubordination/disrespect
  • Stealing
  • Destruction of school or personal property

Parents will be notified to pick up their child(ren) as soon as possible if any infraction warrants and if unexpected circumstances occur.  The offense may be given the following day after a preliminary investigation.  Offenses resulting with disciplinary actions will be at the discretion of the Arts Enrichment Director and/or the Principal. 

*Students will need to follow the NFMAA Arts Enrichment After School Program rules.

  1. I will participate in all activities.
  2. I will follow the instructions of all program staff.
  3. I will not fight, hit or verbally abuse another person.
  4. I will be polite and conduct myself properly.
  5. I will use appropriate language.

NFMAA Arts Enrichment After School Program reserve the right to dismiss any child from the program at any time because of behavior issues.  Please take time to review this information with your child(ren).

In accordance with the Lee County’s District Policy for Fee Based Programs the Principal or the Director have the authority to revoke the enrollment of a child in a fee-based program if the following situations occur:

  • If a behavior becomes problematic and reoccurring as defined in the program discipline policy.
  • Non-payment of regular weekly and late fees.
  • If the child is repeatedly picked up late in the evening.


~Phones, electronic games and toys from home are not allowed in the Arts Enrichment Program.  Arts Enrichment staff are not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.


At least a 72-hour notification will be required for any type of documentation needed for court hearings or any other situations.

If your child(ren) has/have a medical condition, please notify the Arts Enrichment Director before starting the program.

Private violin lessons are offered through the Arts Enrichment program.  If interested, please contact Mitsue Schmidt by email;

A supper meal time will be provided.  Currently supper meals are supplied by the school.  Please notify the Arts Enrichment Director of any food allergies before starting the program.

Children must wear their school uniforms.

  • Suggestion: Tennis shoes daily
  • Suggestion: Child’s name on all personal belongings


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